Vom Fischernetz zur Sonnenbrille

Recycled fishing net - From fishing net to sunglasses

In this article you will find out how fishing nets become dangerous ghost nets and why our sustainable fishing net sunglasses are the answer to this problem.

Orangene Fischernetz Sonnenbrille mit Cellulose-Brillencase auf einer weißen Mauer mit blauem Wasser im Hintergrund.

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What are ghost nets?

Ghost nets are free-roaming ones abandoned fishing nets. They haunt our oceans and fish there endlessly and pointlessly further. According to WWF, it is estimated that there are 5,000-10,000 new power supplies in the Baltic Sea alone every year (WWF Poland 2011). Ghost nets make between 30-50 percent of plastic in the sea.

How does a fishing net become a ghost net?

Deep sea fishing takes place during storms Trawls off the boats. Bottom trawls get caught on obstacles such as shipwrecks, rock formations or reefs. gill nets are run over by ships or break free from their moorings. Fishing nets are often damaged not appropriate, but disposed of in the sea. Especially when a fishing boat is in danger of being damaged illegal fishing Getting caught by authorities is the easiest way to cut the net and over board to throw. An eternal vicious circle that... thoughtless consumption is fired.

Why are ghost nets a problem?

Snagged nets on wrecks pose a problem in that they continue catching indefinitely and hold captive. Because shipwrecks are very difficult diverse habitat Under water, all sorts of animals and plants cavort there. Small fish Looking for food get caught in the net and serve as bait for larger predatory fish and Mammals. Also submersible birds get caught in the nets while searching for food underwater. All these animals to starve or drown ultimately painfully and slowly in the fishing nets.

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Schematische Dartsellung, des Great Pacific Garbage Patch, untermauert mit Zahlen und Fakten.

(Photo: Global Trash Solutions)

The Pacific garbage patches, English „Great Pacific Garbage Patch“, is 1.6 million km² in size and therefore the largest of five garbage whirlpools in our oceans. That's 1.6 million km² 4.5 times the size from Germany. This huge floating island of garbage exists 46% out of old fishing tools and to 99% plastic.

What are the causes of the problem?

  1. The first cause of the problem is a worldwide one increasing fish consumption per capita at the same time increasing overfishing and Species extinction in the oceans.
  2. The second cause is this illegal fishing in some countries in South America, Asia and Africa. If an illegal fishing boat runs the risk of being caught, it cuts the fishing nets in order to be able to escape.
  3. The third cause is this lack of awareness for the problem. On the one hand in the industry, but also in our population, i.e. the consumers. As soon as there is awareness of topics like thoughtful & sustainable fish consumption and environmentally friendly fishing methods is built, we are already counteracting the problems of ghost networks.

What are the nets and sunglasses made of?

Our sunglasses from WAVE HAWAII are old recycled fishing nets. These nets and our sunglasses are made of this same material. Polypropylene, polyethylene and polyamide (nylon) are the materials from which fishing nets are made. The Recycling cycle, where the fishing nets end up after being recovered, close our sunglasses sustainable fashion products out of recycled ghost nets.

What can I do?

Here are 5 tipsto get to the topic Ghost nets in the ocean to draw attention.

  1. Speak with your loved one on the subject of fishing nets. You can simply pick up this article, it will help you!
  2. Find yours stylish WAVE HAWAII fishing net sunglasses in our shop. Share your experiences to further raise awareness of the topic.
  3. legal yourself! Simply the piece of plastic or trash lift and in the nearest trash can It might cost you a bit of overcoming, because you are the only person who withholds garbage from our nature. But the good thing is: You know better!
  4. Easily add this to your order free WAVE HAWAII garbage collection set added. We'll pack for you a garbage tong and a garbage bag in addition. This will definitely help you!
  5. Horche into yourself and ask yourself what it's like Your fish consumption stands.



There are some exciting projects that also work to combat ocean litter. The Ocean Cleanup, Ghost Diving and WWF.



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