Poncho-Stoffe – Unsere Wohltat für Deine Haut

Poncho fabrics – our treat for your skin

In this article you will find out what materials our ponchos consist and what theirs Characteristics are.

Zwei lachende Frauen laufen Arm in Arm mit ihren Ponchos bekleidet über den Strand.

Poncholiebe ❤️

Ponchos are our great love. For the perfect poncho We take on so much that you can't imagine. ;) There is tinkering, planning, drafting, designing, pondering, discussing, printing, testing, changing, being annoyed, being happy, thinking about, sewing, questioning, testing again, deciding, testing again, and so on and so forth. At the end one intensive development we all are damn proud of the result.

We all love the detail in the poncho, and that's exactly what it does WAVE HAWAII poncho so unique and adorable. Over time, our collection has become attractive and colorful Poncho-Pracht grew up in the different substances your Deserves space in the sun have.

What are the WAVE HAWAII poncho materials?

We have 3 different materials for our ponchos.

These are:

  • Cotton (100% cotton)
  • AirLite (95% cotton/ 5% recycled PES)
  • Bamboo (60% viscose made from bamboo fiber and 40% cotton)

But one by one.

Cotton with ÖKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate

Nahaufnahme des WAVE HAWAII Poncho Curitiba.

Baumwoll-Poncho Velours Curitiba

All of our cotton samples are out Cotton manufactured and with the ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate excellent. This is based on the extensive ÖKO-TEX® criteria catalog. Our cotton is that WAVE HAWAII classic with most models in different versions:

  • Terry cloth, just as everyone knows and loves it
  • Terry velor, Outside velvety and very robust
  • Waffle Piqué, with small pack sizeand quick drying
Nahaufnahme des WAVE HAWAII Travel-Poncho Lighd.

Travelponcho Lighd


Nahaufnahme des WAVE HAWAII AirLite-Poncho Peniche.

AirLite Poncho Peniche

Behind the name AirLite hides ours sustainable performance material. The base consists of recycled polyester (5%), whereupon then the Woven cotton becomes. On the one hand, this happens on an open basis, which leads to one very breathable material leads. On the other hand The material warms excellently your wet and cold skin on so that you feel completely comfortable after seconds. However, it still occurs in warm or hot conditions no heat build-up.

Furthermore, the material feels nice fluffy on your skin. You only come into contact with cotton. In addition, despite their fluffy qualities, the ponchos are real Lightweights are and very fast dry. If that's not the case sustainable performance material we don't know what to do next. ;)

Made in Portugal - with cotton from the EU.


Nahaufnahme des WAVE HAWAII Poncho Flow.

Bambusponcho Flow

How does the bamboo tube come from - this most sustainable natural product - now into the poncho? Our bamboo ponchos are a mix of 60% viscose made from bamboo fiber and 40% Cotton.

Bamboo requires very little water to growth, reproduces itself and needs no pesticides or fertilizers. When dyeing it requires little dye. The smooth and round structure the bamboo fiber, that is Secret behind the Softness and fluffiness of the Bamboo-Poncho. In addition, the bamboo fiber hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and odorless.

Even if the wet poncho stays in the car for a long time, it doesn't start to smell straight away. On top of that, bamboo fibers absorb up to 70% more moisture than cotton, without having an unpleasant smell.

Why are there different poncho materials?

The answer is simple. For different areas of application there is also different substances. In the points Warmth factor, water absorption, weight, fluffiness, pack size and Application Our ponchos sometimes differ greatly from one another.

Which poncho is right for me?

This depends entirely on what you're up to. Here are a few of them countless possibilities:

Surfponcho AirLite, bamboo and cotton
Badeponcho AirLite, bamboo and cotton
Bad weather & dog Storm-Poncho
Saunaponcho AirLite, bamboo and cotton
Surftrip AirLite, bamboo and cotton
Couchponcho AirLite, bamboo and cotton
Outdoor/swimming pool poncho AirLite, bamboo and cotton
North or Baltic Sea coast in summer AirLite, bamboo and cotton
North or Baltic Sea coast in winter Storm-Poncho
Hot conditions Travel-Poncho
Cold conditions AirLite and Storm Poncho

Is that all?

Of course not! We are currently working hard on one completely new and very special high-performance material.

What we already revealed can:

  • Very small pack size
  • High water absorption
  • Ultra fast drying
  • Extremely light weight
  • Totally pleasant on the skin
  • Recycled material
  • Antibacterial and odor-inhibiting
  • New stylish designs
  • Made in Portugal
  • Only at WAVE HAWAII

We are excited and really looking forward to it Product release! Stay tuned!

And in the Meanwhile, look at you gladly with us one, visits us on ours Social channels and leave them Sun into your heart.

Life is great!


PS: We look forward to any feedback. Let us share your thoughts and write a comment or write to us on Instagram or Facebook. :)

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  • Petra Scheel

    Hallo Ihr lieben Ponchitos,
    eure website ist grandios und ich hab euch schon lieb gewonnen, ohne einen Poncho von euch gekauft zu haben. Bei meiner Suche vermisse ich einen Poncho „Paul do Mar“ ;)
    Ich werd auf alle Fälle einen Poncho von euch bestellen, muss die vielen Interessanten Informationen aber sacken lassen und überlege nun auch noch, ob ich auf euer neues Produkt warte, oder ob der Trend zum Zweitponcho geht. Fragen über Fragen.
    Alles Gute für Euch und herzliche Grüße von mir.

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