Surf Poncho: Alles, was du wissen musst!

Surf Poncho: Everything you need to know!

Do you know that, too?

Packliste für den Surf Trip

Finally! Your surf trip is coming up and you're starting yours Pack

list with the essential surf equipment to write.

"Do I have everything? Is there anything else I'm missing?"

YES! And one of the most important surfing gadgets in general: the surf poncho, bath poncho, towel poncho, whatever. We will refer to it hereafter as Surf Ponchoto keep it simple.

Eine Frau im blauen Poncho läuft am Strand entlang mit einem Surfboard unter dem Arm.

Bamboo Poncho Maxi

What is a surf poncho? What do you use it for? How do I recognize a good model?

In this article you will find out everything about it Thema Surf Poncho, what the Advantages and disadvantages of the different models and what you use yours for Use poncho can.



🌸Surf Poncho Long Story Short
🌸What is a surf poncho?
🌸Changing with the help of the poncho: This is how it works!
🌸Why do I need a surf poncho?
🌸Where and when will my poncho be used?
🌸Practical application tips for the surf poncho
🌸Surf Poncho buying advice: What do I have to pay attention to when buying?
🌸Surf Poncho: Cut & Gender, Features, Size & Length, Material, Weight
🌸Sustainable surf ponchos
🌸Surf Poncho Price

Surf Poncho Long Story Short

      ✔️Mobile changing room, towel, warming cape, beach towel


        ✔️Viscose made from bamboo fiber

        ✔️Recycled polyester

        ✔️No microfiber or other plastic fibers that are not recycled

        ✔️Better too long and too big than too short and too small


          👇You can find our poncho materials and their different properties here.👇

          Poncho-Stoffe - Unsere Wohltat für deine Haut

          What is a surf poncho?

          Zwei Männer im Poncho stehen im Schwimmbad.

           Poncho Soul made of cotton

          A surf poncho is a big towel with two short sleeves and one warming hood. There are many names for the poncho, but everyone means the same thing: Bath poncho, towel poncho, changing robe, changing towel, surfer towel, surfer towel, sauna poncho or hooded bath towel. Thanks to the two sleeves you can comfortable on the beach or somewhere else move and you too protect from unwanted looks.

          So the poncho combines those changing room, the Hand towel and the Cloak in one.

          In the fanny pack you can also use yours fresh underwear or Shampoo park, or yours wet hands provide warm and dry shelter.


          Zwei Hände stecken in einer Bauchtasche vom Poncho.

          Changing with the help of a poncho: This is how it works!

          3 in 1: Change clothes, dry off, keep warm.

          According to your Surfsession you just slip into the poncho, take yours off Wetsuit dry off, dry off and warm up.

          Complete! Quite simple, right? ;)

          Eine Frau im Poncho steht vor einem offenen Spint im Schwimmbad.

          We used to lateral interventions, which is not necessary for moving, but rather unfavorable, because it blows in here when the wind blows and you can then look through the holes under the poncho. It's much more convenient with those Poor completely to slip into the poncho or simply to reach under the poncho.

          Believe us: Everything that should be hidden remains hidden.

          Eine Frau im Poncho springt am Strand über die untergehende Sonne.

          Why do I need a surf poncho?

          A surf poncho helps you when you're on the beach, for example want to move undisturbed. You can just peel yourself out of your wetsuit interested looks then come only because of that stylish ponchos. ;)

          Besides that warms put on your poncho cold windy days super quick. So you don't freeze to death because you have to stand half-naked in the wind while changing.

          The poncho is just that ideal solution for drying and changing, and you decide where.

          Ein Mann im Poncho steht neben einem schwarzen Hund auf einem Holzsteg.

          Did you know that the surf poncho is no longer out of style? Fashion is essential is?

          You can simply wear it like that, for example as sun protection am Strand, that is sensitive areas How Shoulders and Cleavage protects against UV light.

          Eine Frau im Poncho steht am Strand in der Sonne und kuschelt sich in die Kapuze ein.

          Where and when is a poncho used?

          You can wear a surf poncho always and use anywhere, you alone decide what helpful to you is. Just give it a try, you will be thrilled!

          On the following places and areas we use that WAVE HAWAII Community die  Surf Ponchos:

            ✔️On the beach, in the parking lot and at the surf spot
            ✔️By the lake, in the lake parking lot
            ✔️On the way to the beach or back to camp
            ✔️On the river before and after rafting or kayaking
            ✔️For virtually every outdoor sport in and around the water
            ✔️Windsurfing, kiting, SUP, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, wing foiling, triathlon, diving
            ✔️In the swimming pool, in the outdoor pool, in the sauna, in the spa, in the sauna
            ✔️On the road trip in the van
            ✔️At the campsite in a motorhome or caravan, but especially on the ✔️on the way to the shower and back
            ✔️On mountain bike tours and hiking
            ✔️In a hostel or holiday apartment
            ✔️At home after the shower
            ✔️Cuddle up on the couch

              In addition to the numerous places where the surf poncho is helpful, there are others practical and helpful applications, that make your poncho shine.

              Ein Mann im Poncho steht in der Sonne an einem Holzgeländer.

              Practical tips for using the surf poncho

              Here are a few tips and tricks where your surf poncho comes in handy:

              • As a beach towel so you don't lie in the sand
              • As a board sock to protect your surfboard
              • As a picnic blanket, for spontaneous people
              • As a seat protector/seat cover to protect your car seat from moisture and dirt if you just want to change the spot briefly but don't want to take the Neo off
              • As a sauna pad
              • As a hoodie and to protect you from the sun's rays
              • As a towel for your wet hands after washing up
              • As a rescuer in need when a glass of water falls over in the van (horror scenario, right? :D)
              • As a furniture blanket when you don't have anything else to hand
              • As a dog towel if you and your four-legged friend were surprised by the rain
              • As a loyal couch buddy when your favorite series is on
              • The storm poncho as a warm raincoat

              Be creative and pragmatic, there are many other uses for a surf poncho!

              Ein schwarz-weißer Hund sitzt mit einem Poncho übergestülpt mit Kapuze auf dem Kopf am Wasser.

              Please let us know yours Poncho Moments Participate and link us on Instagram & Facebook and use the hashtag #lifeisgreat

              Surf poncho buying advice: What do I have to pay attention to when buying a surf poncho?

              At first there are all the same: A towel with two holes and a hood.

              The next moment some people come very essential differences to appear.

              “If someone had told me that sooner!” We often hear this when we talk to people who have not yet had any experience with surf ponchos.

              In which Material, the raw materials, to the wearing comfort, the processing and the Weight there are big differences.

              Tip! Take a close look beforehand at what suits you and your requirements fits.

              If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us at any time via any of our channels.


              Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen beide im Poncho am Strand und schauen in die Ferne.

              Surf Poncho Cut & Gender

              The WAVE HAWAII ponchos are to Unisex. All people, no matter what gender, everyone can wear surf ponchos.

              There is something for the young Kinderponchos, which are also unisex but have smaller dimensions.

              Surf Poncho Features

              The WAVE HAWAII poncho is characterized by: pragmatic, flawless, comfortable and stylishes Design out of.

                Two-layer hood, warms yours wet head and holds him warm for an extra long time.

                Cord in the hoodto tighten the hood when the Wind really blows. (Cords are not permitted on kids ponchos for safety and legal reasons.)
                Ein lachender Mann im Poncho mit Händen in der Bauchtasche und etwas zugezoogener Kapuze steht in der Sonne.
                Sleeves instead of holes, one cool draft on chest and neck avoid.

                fanny packto get yours wet hands to dry and warm, yours underwear to be stored within easy reach or yours Shampoo and brush to park.

                  Surf poncho size & length

                  All WAVE HAWAII ponchos are available in Unisex sizes. There are only differences in size Length and width. Every design is unique and in each one size available.

                  Basically: Better to be too long than too short and too big than too small.

                  If you can't decide between two sizes, choose one Number bigger. That guarantees it maximum comfort and enough space, to wear under the surf poncho, for example swimwear or the Wetsuit to take off.

                  Is longer the surf poncho is, the more warmer Of course he is too.

                  The WAVE HAWAII poncho is available in the following sizes:

                  Poncho Suize Guide

                  Surf Poncho Material

                  What material is a surf poncho made of?

                  We are on this question got to the bottom of this blog post. You can find them all there Details and Details.

                  An overview of the poncho materials:

                  • Cotton (100% cotton)
                  • AirLite (95% cotton/ 5% recycled polyester. Here only the cotton comes into contact with the skin!)
                  • Bamboo (60% viscose made from bamboo fiber/ 40% cotton)
                  • FastLite (100% recycled polyester, very skin-friendly)

                  Sustainable surf ponchos

                  You are looking for one sustainable surf poncho, because you care about the environment and it no planet B is there for us?

                  It's no different for us. We carry Responsibility and we expect responsibility from our fellow human beings.

                  That's why we offer sustainable surf ponchos renewable and recycled raw materials an.

                  Did you know that some species of bamboo can grow up to 50cm in a day?

                  Surf poncho weight

                  How much does a surf poncho weigh?

                  The weight of the WAVE HAWAII poncho is dependent from that Material.

                  The lightest Poncho is the one FastLite Poncho with approx. 500 grams.

                  The poncho with that highest weight and the most features is the Style Poncho out of Baumwolle Velours with approx. 1350 grams.

                  Surf poncho price

                  How much does a surf poncho cost?

                  The price for a WAVE HAWAII poncho varies and dependent from the Material, Materialdicke, Furnishing and Size.

                  Children's ponchos (from €45.90) ​​and travel ponchos (€54.90) are available cheaper als Style Ponchos (ab 64,90€).

                  The WAVE HAWAII AirLite ponchos (€79.90) offer that greatest performance.

                  The absolute one Rock in the surf for Schietwetter is the waterproof WAVE HAWAII Storm Poncho (from €99.90).


                  Changing clothes, drying off, keeping warm – it’s that easy.

                  Drei Frauen im Poncho stehen nebeinander am Strand mit der Sonne im Hintergrund.

                  The Sorf Poncho is with its many practical functions and comfortable. A Must-Have for Water sports, outdoor and beach lovers!

                  Also in By or at Camping It has long been impossible to imagine life without it.

                  For Adventurers and Traveller with little luggage There are also lightweight ones with a small pack size.

                  The Cold Water Surfer in cooler regions, should thicker style poncho prefer the light travel poncho.

                  Tip!: Be careful when purchasing two things: The material should Right one for you be and the longer the poncho is, the warmer he is too.

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