Ambassador Melli & Finn im Interview (ūüďć Albanien)

Ambassadors Melli & Finn from Vantastic Advanture in an interview (ūüďć Albania)

Vantastic Advanture are Melli, Finn and ūüź∂Linus. The three are content creators, full-time vanlifers and ambassadors for WAVE HAWAII

How are you doing at the moment? Is everyone on board happy?

Hi, thanks for asking. We couldn't be doing better. We're totally into it Travel fever and love it on the move all the time to be.

Who are you?

We are Melli, Finn & Aussie Linus. We sold our apartment, gave up our traditional jobs and are traveling since February 2023 in our self-built camper Carlo through the world.

The Aussie ‚ÄúLinus‚ÄĚ is always in the middle of things.

Until when are you on the road?

We have no end set. As long as we are all doing well and enjoying this lifestyle, we want to continue Travel full time.

How did you decide to live in a van?

We bought a T5 Bulli in 2019. With Bulli Fiete we have traveled to various countries such as Portugal, Spain, Belgium and many others. We noticed that this type of travel is like that lots of freedom brings with it. The classic vacation wasn't enough for us, so we decided to work on this goal: Travel full time and work remotely.

What has the route looked like so far and where are you going next?

So far we have been traveling in the Balkans. It went over the Switzerland after Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and now let's explore Albania. We want to get through this year Greece travel and then devote ourselves to the spring of 2024 T√ľrkiye and the Caucasus. We are generally very traveling slowly, as we each country very travel extensively would like.

How do you finance yourself?

We are as Freelancer on the way. We mainly work as Content Creator. We create as Photo and video material for various companies, which they can then use for websites, advertising campaigns or, for example, print media. We also lead Social media channels from companies. As additional source of income we have social media ourselves. We do it on YouTube weekly vlogs, which we can already make money from. We take our followers with us every day on Instagram and earn a little more there too Advertising measures or Affiliate Marketing. Same for WAVE HAWAII. If you are still looking for one small discount If you are, you can just ask us nicely ;-)

Which places would you like to return to?

Unfortunately, as much as we loved Portugal, traveling with it Camper there not so easy anymore like back then. Purely from the Landscape, the beaches, the sea But it can definitely be judged Portugal.

Are there no-go areas that you would never go to again?

Difficult to say. We try in every place always the best to see. It indicates every place Advantages and disadvantages. We don't have a special place or country now. We would like that typical German tourist areas, like Croatia or Spain no longer in summer or in the The holiday drive there because it's just too crowded there. We love the months the Low season and look forward to it deserted, quiet places.

What treats do you remember fondly?

In Spain There was a lot at Lidl delicious bread crackers, but don't ask us what they're called. We took five bags with us to Germany. Here in Balkan we love that Ciabatta Bread. This is usually served in restaurants when eating. Often fried with special garlic oil and that too Pastry we love here in the Balkans. This is a Puff pastry pocket with cheese or meat filling.

What would you like to miss on the dinner table?

Even if our trip is soon after Greece goes. Olive we both like it cannot see, smell or taste.

What are your top 3 advantages and disadvantages of vanlife?


  • Freedom
  • Closeness to nature
  • Minimalism (focus on the important things)


  • Faster and easier to attack
  • Less space
  • You are not welcome everywhere

Finn with that Poncho Curitiba made of cotton velor.

What are your 3 must-haves in the van?

Definitely one Dry separation toilet. Because especially since we live in a van, there are sometimes places where that Business not that easy is feasible. A drinking water filter, so that we drink any water without hesitation can. And of course our ponchos. Straight up campsites we will like that often mentioned. Only with that Poncho for the shower go, Shampoo & shower gel in - done. Otherwise we always carry our ponchos with us SUP drive or if we have one Beach roof have and us something snuggle up want.

Melli with that AirLite Poncho Aguedea.

The Magical Boardwalk Shoot: How Did That Come About? Take us into the moment‚ú®

This shoot was made for us and WAVE HAWAII. That was in Montenegro am Biogradska Gore. We got up at 5am. Because it was in the morning Fog thick and the Sun slowly came through. In such Moments are we closer to nature than ever before. They fit there Ponchos are perfect. Because it's just like us WAVE HAWAII the environmental Protection and a sustainable lifestyle important.


Melli with that AirLite Poncho Cumbuco.

How did you find WAVE HAWAII?

We know WAVE HAWAII since many years. Already before four years we have with them worked together and know Jutta and Carsten personally very good. Because Jutta was with us at the time Gym trained. We quickly found out that not only that humanly mega fits, rather also all products themselves. We love this lifestyle and look forward to more many more years with WAVE HAWAII!

Finn with that Curitiba poncho and Melli with that Campeche Poncho, both made of cotton velor.

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