Geteilte Leidenschaft zum Wassersport -  wie WAVE HAWAII Athleten mit ihren Produkten unterstützt

Shared passion for water sports - how WAVE HAWAII supports athletes with products

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of water sports and discover how WAVE HAWAII supports athletes in living their passion. Learn more about how high-quality products enhance the water sports experience and help athletes reach their full potential. Be inspired by the connection between athletes and their equipment, driven by shared passions. Dive with us into the exciting world of water sports and discover how WAVE HAWAII helps make the dreams of its athletes come true.

In general, WAVE HAWAII not only supports water sports enthusiasts, but also other sports and non-athletes. Although we have our roots in water and board sports, we naturally share our values, ideas and products with all people who are interested in sustainable comfort and well-being products. 

The fascination of water sports

Water sports have a special appeal for many people. The opportunity to move in the middle of nature and be physically active at the same time is simply priceless. Whether surfing, stand-up paddling or kite surfing - the variety of water sports is exciting more and more people around the world.

As a passionate water sports enthusiast, you probably already understand the magic of these sports. But it is also important to pay attention to quality and functionality when it comes to equipment. This is where WAVE HAWAII comes into play: As a renowned brand for high-quality products in the field of water sports, they support athletes in living out their passions.

With innovative designs and high product quality, WAVE HAWAII ensures that you can fully concentrate on your training - without having to compromise on performance or comfort. This way, your passion for water can be experienced in even more variety! 

WAVE HAWAII product variety for different disciplines

When it comes to the right equipment, versatility is key. That's exactly why WAVE HAWAII offers a wide range of products for various disciplines in water sports. No matter whether you prefer to stand on a surfboard, glide over the water in a kayak or let off steam with stand-up paddling - you are guaranteed to find the right product with us. Thanks to innovative technologies and high-quality materials, you can fully concentrate on your training while we ensure that your equipment is always in top condition. Our products are specifically designed to meet the needs of different athletes and their comfort as well as practicality to increase. 

Supporting athletes with high-quality products

The WAVE HAWAII brand embodies this passion and its philosophy stands for innovation, quality and supporting athletes through high-quality products. With a wide range of products, WAVE HAWAII offers solutions for various disciplines in water sports. Many success stories from athletes prove the effectiveness and reliability of WAVE HAWAII products. Through sustainable action, the brand also sets an example for environmental protection in the industry. The future prospects show a promising collaboration between the talented athletes and the dedicated team behind the brand. Together they will continue to work on innovative products to take water sports to a new level.

The world of sports is animated by passionate athletes whose dedication and commitment go far beyond the ordinary. Their stories are inspiring and their experiences are often full of ups and downs. Today we have the honor of speaking to some of these extraordinary individuals to find out more about their passion for the sport. Let's immerse ourselves in the world of passionate athletes and let ourselves be inspired by their experiences and insights.

Insights and reports from our athletes 

Lisa Kloster: 4th place European Windsurfing Freestyle Champion

Favorite products: Key Lock, Beach Bucket, Surf Poncho

"With the Key Lock I no longer have to worry about my key. I have all my stuff safe and don’t have to put the key in the water!”

“I’m one of the biggest fans of that Falteimer and super happy that WAVE HAWAII designed this. I've been using it since 2020 and this is one of the coolest features when I get off the water. I take off the neoprene at the top, then put the poncho over it and change in this folding bucket and the neoprene can then dry without sand and it saves me time!” 

“In almost every windsurfer's life there is one or two surfsPonchos and some people live there completely and go to restaurants with them. You don’t have to worry about moving anymore.” ;) 

“Thanks to WAVE HAWAII for these products!”

Amelie: Vice-champion Boogie Board from Finistère, physiotherapist, sports teacher, regional judge

Favorite products: Surf Poncho, Storm-Poncho

“With the surf poncho I can change in peace under any circumstances. In fact, the beaches I frequent are often close to the road. Therefore, it is  more comfortable to hide in a poncho when changing. In addition, the poncho protects against the wind, so you are less cold. The windproof and rainproof poncho is indispensable for me, especially when surfing in winter at various competitions. In fact, it is an essential element that I never forget as a competitor. It allows me to keep warm between heats. In addition, as a judge, I can judge for twelve hours in rain and wind conditions without any problems.” 

Interview with our two sports ambassadors Fee and Elias

"The love of water sports and the importance of sustainability"  

*Interviewer: “Hello Fee and Elias, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. Could you first tell us a little about your passion for water sports?”

*Fee: “Of course, we have both been fascinated by water since we were children. Whether surfing, swimming or stand-up paddling, for us the sea is a place of freedom and adventure.”

*Elias: “Exactly, and when we met, we quickly realized that we shared this passion. Since then we have been exploring all types of water together.”

*Interviewer: “That sounds really impressive. How do you incorporate your shared passion into your relationship?”

*Fee: “We love motivating each other and taking on new challenges. Be it reaching a certain surf spot or completing a surfskate course, we always support each other.”

*Elias: “Exactly, and the topic of sustainability is also very important to us. We want to protect our environment while using products that are functional and durable.”

*Interviewer: “That leads me to my next question. You mentioned that you use Wave Hawaii products. What makes these products so special for you?”

*Fee: “Wave Hawaii combines the best of both worlds for us. The products are not only functional and high quality, but also sustainably manufactured.”

*Elias: “Exactly, the ponchos, for example, are simply brilliant. Not only are they practical after water sports, but they are also comfortable and have a great design.”

*Interviewer: “That sounds really convincing. Are there any other Wave Hawaii products that particularly appeal to you?”

*Fee: “Definitely, the sunglasses for example. Not only are they stylish, but they also feature polarized lenses, making them perfect for waterfront conditions.” 

*Elias: “And the socks! They have great features and are super comfortable to wear whether on the board or at the beach.”

*Interviewer: “Finally, what does the Wave Hawaii brand mean to you personally?”

*Fee: “We will definitely remain loyal to the brand because it not only meets our needs as water sports enthusiasts, but also corresponds to our values ​​of sustainability and functionality.”

*Elias: “Exactly, the price-performance ratio is just right and that is an important factor for us when it comes to water sports.”

*Interviewer: “Thank you very much for this insightful conversation, Fee and Elias. It was a pleasure meeting you and talking about your passion for water sports.”

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