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10 reasons for textiles with bamboo as a raw material

These are our 10 reasons for textiles with bamboo as a raw material.

Bambuspflanzen mit braunen Rohren und grünen Blättern.
  1. Bamboo is one itself self-replenishing resource: Bamboo rarely if ever needs to be replenished. The miracle of bamboo is that it miraculously sprouts and 1 hectare (10,000m²) of bamboo ten times more than one hectare produces cotton. Cotton must be harvested and replanted every year, which can be a process. Some species of bamboo can up to 50 cm per day grow.


  1. Bamboo consumes 1/3 less water to grow: Bamboo does not require irrigation, just 1/3 the amount of water for growing, than is required for other crops. Water is becoming more of a thing every day limited good, and many farmers do not have the water necessary to feed their crops to grow correctly. Bamboo has always been one self-sufficient culture, which does not require extra irrigation and water much more efficient uses than other trees.


  1. Bamboo will without pesticides cultivated.


Drei Ponchos nebeneinander mit dem WAVE HAWAII Green Line Siegel im Vordergrund.

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  1. Bamboo has one higher strength, than cotton: It's no secret that viscose made from bamboo is one of the strongest fabrics you can wear it, sleep in it or just make yourself comfortable Whether you're talking about a shirt or pants or bed linen or towels, Bamboo outlasts cotton in shape, strength and durability three times when properly cared for. The Care methods are simple and efficient and do not require any special methodology. Bamboo materials also require less washing than most cotton materials, which also in Product life cycle plays a role.


  1. Bamboo fibers need for dyeing less dye as nylon and cotton.


  1. Bamboo is softer than cotton.


  1. Bamboo is hypoallergenic: That means bamboo skin-friendly for all skin types It will no allergic reactions or Skin irritation caused, while this is not always the case with cotton, silk and nylon.


  1. Bamboo is more absorbent and breathable as nylon and cotton: Moisture is everywhere, especially after we were in the water, or in the sweating in the sauna. Sometimes this can irritating, embarrassing or simply be unpleasant, if you are wearing a material that does not absorb moisture quickly. Bamboo is up to 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton and nylon. It wicks moisture much faster away from the skin and keeps you dry and comfortable. Bamboo can 3 times more moisture, than absorb his weight. This means that once it has been made into a substance, it is also able to Get rid of moisture faster. Perfect for ponchos.


  1. Bamboo smells better and stays cleaner: One of the best features of bamboo is that it antimicrobial properties has that as "Bamboo Kun" be referred to. These natural ones antimicrobial organic active ingredients reduce bacteriathat on Clothing and other materials, as well as on the human skin thrive. For this reason are Bamboo floor mats in countries like that popular, in which no shoes worn This also applies to Bamboo clothing, bed linen and Towels.


  1. Conclusion: bamboo saves more trees, regenerated to natural way and is one of the most environmentally friendly resources in the world. It holds ours Ground stronger, our Air cleaner and our Environment healthier, than all other comparable materials.


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