"AirLite DryTouch Socks Design 2 WAVE HAWAII
AirLite DryTouch Socks Design 2 Socken WAVE HAWAII
AirLite DryTouch Socks D2 Socken WAVE HAWAII
AirLite DryTouch Socks D2 Socken WAVE HAWAII
AirLite DryTouch Socks D2 Socken WAVE HAWAII

AirLite DryTouch Socks D2

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WAVE HAWAII AirLite-Socken

stylish Performance Parish comfortable to wear – breathable and with a focus on sustainability.

On the inside, silky-soft cotton pampers your foot, while the outside recycled AirLite DryTouch-Polyester reinforces the functionality of the socks.

Our breathable High-tech material, which facilitates the transport of moisture and air with its channeled fibers, ensures that air easily moves from the outside to the inside and moisture is released from the inside to the outside - for a optimal microclimate of the feet

The socks are not colored using the traditional dyeing process with chemical additives, which uses a lot of water and is dirty. WAVE HAWAII AirLite socks receive their designs using state-of-the-art 360 degree printing technology. No water is used for this and the energy expenditure is kept to a minimum.

Material: 70% recycled polyester, 25% cotton, 3% polyamide, 2% elastane

For the sake of the environment, we do not deliver in a disposable plastic bag, but in a reusable paper carrier bag.

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Within Germany: 1-3 working days
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Der Wave Hawaii Lifestyle

More than just a brand...

HAWAII is the iconic epitome of athletes, adventurers, those seeking peace and quiet, romantics - and for a relaxed and positive attitude to life. Also varied nature with rainforests, mountains and dream beaches, Hula Hula and island beauties with wreaths of flowers...

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The Poncho Air definitely falls into the “Ididn’t know I needed something like this before I had it” category. For me, THE purchase of the year 2020.

Julie E.

Super fluffy and cozy ponchos that come with us on every vacation and we never want to miss again! An absolute game changer for camping holidays!.

Alex S.

We took the travel ponchos with us on our road trip to Portugal. Perfect for changing into your wet swimwear or for snuggling up and keeping warm in the evening. The ponchos are now a permanent part of the van and accompany us on every trip.

Finn L.

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