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Wave Hawaii


HAWAII is the iconic epitome for athletes, adventurers, those seeking peace and quiet, romantics - and for a relaxed and positive approach to life. Diverse nature with rainforests, mountains and dream beaches, hula hula and island beauties with wreaths of flowers in their hair are unmistakably Hawaiian. Inspired by formative surf legends, that brings WAVE in the brand name the Aloha Spirit with tested and high-quality wellness products to you. For everyone for whom it is not enough just to join trends. This is our lifestyle. This is our DNA. With the sun in your heart. Life is great!



We feel right at home here in the middle of nature. But we also like to be out and about to discover the beauty and charms of different places. And when we're not on the road, we like to dream of these beautiful places - e.g. Hawaii, the nice people there and the fantastic nature with mountains, forests and the sea with light sandy beaches and great waves. With this inspiration we started in 2014 to share our ideas and our style.
We love nature, we love sports, we love the sun, we love positive things
People, we love our kids and life. 
We listen to music with real guitars.
Our dogs are allowed to participate in the office.
Honestly? Sometimes doing nothing is a relief - and not a waste of time.
We are really happy if you like our products.
Life is great!


He's never really bored. It's not for him at all. At work he pulls the strings or is out and about in his van. Otherwise he likes to torture his mountain bike or one of his boards. He feels most comfortable with his family and other relaxed people who want more and are active. 



Our good soul

There is no such thing as impossible. Jutta makes it possible. What? No matter. Try it out. And the nice voice on the phone? Jo, it is too. And it's not just the voice that's nice. With two kids, a husband and a job, she doesn't get bored either. That would be cruel too. Every now and then she equips herself with a rental dog and running shoes - and then no forest path is safe from her.



Our creative

If you like the ponchos, bathrobes and everything else that somehow needs to be drafted and designed here as much as we do ... Behind it is mostly Chantale, who is not only creative, but also gets her ideas on the block. Otherwise, you won't be fooling yourself when it comes to windsurfing, kitesurfing and snowboarding.



Dispatch and idea finder

Mister BMX. And Mister Downhill. The youngest in the team doesn't survive two days without his bikes. When he's completely exhausted, you have to cut the grin off his face. But then he has the necessary peace to take care of the shipping with devotion and the best ideas for editing photos, videos & Co. that may have been taken during his action.




As our fitness queen, Melissa not only gets her customers going, but also our marketing concerns. Whether social media or classic advertising - Melli steps on the gas! And that also with her van, which she drives across Europe with her boyfriend and dog. Always on the hunt for unforgettable moments. 




When Shanny was born, she already had her first board under her arm. Salt water flows in their blood vessels. She always has her ears and eyes up to date and knows the needs of generations Y and Z. If she is not working on her studies and not supporting us in the office, you will find her either on the water, in the snow or on a bike .



Cool downer & security

The guy is always calm. Except when the doorbell rings. Then he is excited and always in the front row. No tail wobbles as fast as Miros. Otherwise he is the haven of peace in the office, makes sure that everyone maintains their work-life motivation and always encourages them to nap - no matter what time.


Annette, Lothar, ...

Rest of the crew

Annette is our finance minister who does not miss out on even the smallest irregularity. At least one who is careful and has an eye on the details. 

Lothar does his mischief in the field service and drives across Germany to spread the good news about WAVE HAWAII, among other things. A very pleasant sales original that you just like. got to.